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A Day at the Races

It’s always fun to be spending time relaxing with close friends, eating good food and enjoying fine wine but when you combine this with a day at the races it’s awsome. Even small children who could barely see the horses soaked up the atmosphere, giggling and rolling around laughing, probably because they had nothing to lose and a big sense of freedom! Adults can learn so much from their children but rarely get to see their offspring for who they really are during the working week because every day life takes over.

Kids start life as innocent little beings eager to learn and absorb information, introducing youngters to as much as possible is a great way of determining where their future talents may lie.It may not be as a jockey or horse trainer, it may be someone who tends the ground, fills the glasses with beer or plays music in a band, whatever they end up doing or being the most important thing is that they are happy in their job.

How happy are you today, are you living the best life you can? If not what would you like to do, be or become. Options and choices are available to us all, we don’t have to gamble our lives away, we can take the reigns, stand on our own two feet and make a decision about our lives. This is the surest way to make the most progress and remember that life is not a race, it is to lived fully and totally enjoyed.

I have been summoned to try something new, so best go and be adventurous!

Happy punting.

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