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7 Ways to have a STRESS-FREE Christmas

7 Ways to have a STRESS-FREE Christmas

I know you are busy and probably already feeling the build-up to Christmas, so I thought I’d give you a few Sanity Nanny ‘quick tips’ to help keep you smiling and your feet firmly on the ground.

Don’t plan too far ahead -everything is bound to change at short notice leaving you with a pile of uneaten food and wasted effort.

Leave decorating the house until a week before Christmas, this way there is less chance of your enchanted toddler pulling the tree over or dog/cat choking on the decorations.

Decide whose family/parents you are going to spend Christmas day with and stick to YOUR plan, if you know there will be arguments leave it until the last minute to tell people you won’t be joining them.

Tell your loved one EXACTLY what you want, do not leave inadvertent hints-you will be disappointed.

Set a spending limit and ask your children to work out (some may need help here) if they will be getting their desired present or not, this way they get used to the idea of being disappointed before Christmas and you will be happy you’ve stuck to your budget.

Remind your child that Santa is watching them every time they’re naughty- this works a treat and reforms behaviour instantly.

Go for a massage/meal or night out with your friends, discuss all the things you are expecting to happen when the relatives arrive. Get some tips on how to deal with excited children, overwhelm and managing difficult people.

Enjoy the festivities with bags of goodwill and cheer!