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5 Simple Ways to Entertain your Child on a Budget this Christmas

Little girls baking Christmas cookies


With Christmas just around the corner and colder nights we’re all beginning to think of Christmas, families and how to make our money go further. Seeing children so excited is wonderful, however at Christmas with all the adverts and inviting shop windows, many children wish for things that may be beyond your budget but fear not, here is a list of 5 simple ways to entertain your child on a budget this Christmas to help you cope and keep your children happy too!




1. Bake cookies or make truffles and fudge and place your gifts into home-made boxes from recycled card/packages, paper and whatever else you have lying around.

2. Take your children to see indoor wonderland displays, you don’t have to pay to see Father Christmas if you don’t tell them he’s there! (keep things special and stops toddlers asking awkward questions!)

3. Drop them off with grandparents, friends or relatives whilst you go shopping alone!

4. Encourage them to help decorate the Christmas tree, choose or make garlands for the house out of coloured card or old birthday cards.

5. Give you children 10-15 minutes undivided attention EVERY day to play with them or join in their games. You then won’t feel guilty for being so busy and your children will be happier, cry/fight less and give you more time to focus on other matters. Bliss!