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12 Days of Christmas-How to be a Stress Free Mummy

Christmas is just around the corner and we are surrounded with Christmas music, jingle bells. pantomimes, present buying and hopeful children! Do you love it or hate it? I love the build up and enjoy all the festivities and particularly wish for snow or a lovely crisp frost. It is never quite the same if you wake up on Christmas Day and it’s raining or windy and then of course you have the task of explaining to enquiring children, “how did Santa or Father Christmas get here when there’s no snow”?

I usually find that a small white lie will suffice and aim to distract them quickly with a new toy, always works well! You are advised to leave a mince pie and glass of wine for Santa oh and don’t forget a carrot for the reindeers! If this is left half eaten young children will always be amazed and pleased that Santa really has been to their house.

As a parent you sometimes have to think very quickly especially when smart children catch you out, it always pays to have a story or excuse up your sleeve on certain occassions. Now please don’t think I’m advocating that you lie to your children but the window of the ‘make belief world’ is so small you want to make it as magical as possible, after all children do love stories, so make them as adventurous as possible.

Now back to mums, starting next week I’m going to be giving daily tips and how to reduce stress this Christmas so mum can enjoy herself too. I hope you enjoy them and find them useful, it’s my way of giving you hard worknig mums a little gift. I am also working on some new products and will shortly be releasing details of my new Mother and Baby Programme designed to help you have your new baby sleeping through the night by six months old.

Lack of sleep, really can play havoc in a family and believe me I’ve seen some pretty bad tantrums over the years. If any mums are really struggling with baby or toddler sleep issues I still have a few booking left before Christmas, so why not treat yourself and let the whole family reap the benefits, your child will also be a lot happier and easier to look after, so you can ALL have more fun this festive season.

Please get in touch if you have a child not sleeping or a toddler waking several times a night, you could see results literally within a few days. Must go be back soon, keep an eye out for my 12 ways to have a stress free Christmas Day.