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12-12-12 New Babies In Bangalore

Mothers queue up for 12-12-12 babi

BANGALORE:Mums are clambering to have their babies born on 12-12-12 and no wonder because it is the last opportunity this century.  Expectant mothers are wholeheartedly trying to have thier babies delivered on this very special and spiritual day. With just two days to go until December 12, mothers-to-be expected to be queuing at hospitals and maternity homes to deliver a baby on this magical date. Last year mothers were keen to have their child born on 11-11-11.  Last year  over 70 babies were born in Bangalore on November 11, 2011. From 2013 this combination of dates will not be available again in our lifetime.

Risks to Unborn Baby

It can be risky having a baby earlier than their due date so, whilst it is wonderful to have a child on such a special day the health of the baby and mother should be the highest priority. The hospitals are insisting there will be no C-sections for mothers who are  not already 36 weeeks pregnant. Low birth weight babies are likely to have more feeding complications and could actually be life threatening for a particularly small baby, so it is a decision not to be taken without serious considerations first. Personally I would rather have a baby arrive on it’s ‘natural’ due date and let nature take its course when the baby is ready to come into the world.

Having a baby by C-section is not a decision to be taken lightly, it is actually major surgery for the mother and can be very uncomfortable for several weeks after. Babies can sometimes have breathing complications or difficulty in feeding in the early days. Whilst every mother is excited to see their new baby and probably have the pregnancy come to an end we should not use c-sections out of choice, it should really be kept for the mother or child who is in distress or has a life threatening situation. After all, if a mother naturally goes into labour on 12th of December and can not get the care or have a delivery die to staff shortages she may be in danger of losing her child which would be a terrible tragedy.

I hope the hospital manage to deliver all the babies safely and there are celebrations all round for the new life that have been brought into the world.

Wishing every parent a safe delivery of their New Baby child.